A new cookware industry for Australia....it's not necessarily cast in iron....

We knew it would be an uphill battle, to create a new innovative cookware brand in a tough and competitive market, starting with cast iron pans (even with innovative pan shapes and handles), manufacturing them in Australia, and launching them on Kickstarter with a real shipping price that sadly excludes the rest of the world (until we find overseas distributors). And yes, it has been tough.

The first cast iron pans with comfortable, cool 'Love Handles'....and they're cast in Australia.

But we are so passionate about the bigger vision of creating an innovative new multi-generation brand based on old school values (like quality and contribution to the community) that we launched.   

Not that we're nervous.....but the hard figures are not great: at the halfway point we've only raised 1/4 of our Kickstarter goal. We've only had one newspaper write about the new Australian pans. There's more coming soon, we've heard, but it may prove to be too little, too late.....

Remember: Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding model. Not to be dramatic, but if we don't reach our (modest, breakeven) goal of $30,000 by September 21, the whole deal is off, under the Kickstarter rules. 

So how do you save a whole new industry in Australia from stillbirth?

First and most obvious, you pledge toward the project if you believe in what we're doing with Fonte and SOLIDTEKNICS, here on Kickstarter.

Then you share as fast and wide as possible to your network in all the online social ways: click on our social icons at bottom of our website pages to share, like, etc: www.solidteknics.com

If you know any kitchenware importer/distributors outside of Australia, let them know SOLIDTEKNICS has got something unique that every cook loves....once they've heard about it!

It's not cast in iron yet, but with just a little help we'll get this new industry started for Australia!