BIG things happening in Australian manufacturing today!

worthy of celebration this australia day long weekend: First pics of BIGskillet cookware hot off the casting line at our Australian foundry!

SOLIDTEKNICS is very proud to show off the results of our long hard development work to bring the big new 32cm (13") AUSfonte BIGskillet pans to life. 

The pictures show the first prototype batch for BIGskillet (from final production moulds) cast this week at our South Australian foundry. They're perfect and ready for production!

These BIGskillet pans are available now until Feb 17, 2015, by pledging on Kickstarter. In return for a pledge of $149 (plus shipping) we reward our Kickstarter backers with a limited and highly collectible FIRST EDITION heirloom BIGskillet pan (each pan is cast underneath with words 'FIRST EDITION' and the actual casting date).  

This very modern crowdfunding method of launching innovative products worked very well for our first AUSfonte Sauteuse pan in September 2014, so for each new model we develop we will launch first on Kickstarter to fund the (very expensive) Australian-made moulds. (After Kickstarter our pans are always available at our retailers, but they are cast with 'CAST' and the casting date, instead of 'FIRST EDITION' and the casting date.)

How to do your bit to support the revival of Australian manufacturing this Australia Day weekend:

  1. Pledge to support AUSfonte BIGskillet pans, and;
  2. Share this good news with anyone who cooks or supports a healthy Australian industry: everyone now has a choice, with world-class cookware now made in Australia! 

Thank you for your support Australia, and have a GREAT long week-end!!


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(TIP: if you're fast, our stores and online partners still have some Sauteuse pans cast with 2014 casting dates: historic first year castings and highly collectible!)