CONTINUITY … for generations.

In our digital world so much good content is buried when the next update is posted, so we are excited to announce our Solid solution: the long-anticipated Solid Cookbook has LAUNCHED on Kickstarter.

We've grown a great Solid core group of followers through 20+ successful Kickstarter launches of our patented cookware, so it just made sense to launch our very first cookbook in the same way.

The recipes were all contributed by members of our Solidteknics Cookware Lovers Group, and it was one of our most Solid members who basically wove all the magic, and did all the hard work. Rob Dose, you've created something very special, and you should be very proud indeed. We're all proud, and we're all grateful beyond words.

The 200+ pages of solid recipes will work for anyone, but if you already own our Solid wrought iron or stainless cookware, you will find these recipes perfectly tailored to your cookware, with temperatures and times that extract the best performance from our exceptional cookware materials. Ingredients weights and measures are given in both Metric and American units.

We hope our supporters will all invest in this piece of Solid history, for the good of this rapidly expanding community, and as an important heirloom for your family and your descendants, for many generations. For continuity.

To witness the magic a community of cooks can weave, click through to visit our Kickstarter campaign: HERE

To see the wonderful Solid core of our community behind this historic cookbook: