Creating cookware history in Australia - again - first test casting of our 16cm SKILLet

Yes, we are feeling very proud indeed here, after seeing our dream for the finest small skillet become a reality. We're also proud and grateful for all the support of our Kickstarter backers who are funding the serious mould costs to make it all possible. Thank you, and enjoy the ride in pictures here!

After a long and hard development process, the end result is always satisfying, when there is this much beauty and function together. 


The huge aluminium patterns which press the 'negative' impression into the block of sand/clay mixture for every pour. That happens every 10 seconds, as does the pour.


Ready for closing with the front side block to complete the sand mould.


The long line of blocks pressed together ready for pouring into the spout and runners to fill the four pan cavities.


Preparing the crucible of molten Australian iron. This is clean and safe iron, monitored strictly for exact composition, with no heavy metal (lead, cadmium, mercury, etc) contaminants.  


The race to the shot blasting barrel after shaking out of the sand moulds.


Pre-production test batches like this are small in quantity, so we cast other AUSfonte pans to use up a whole 2 tonne crucible of that perfect iron.


Looking gorgeous after shot-blasting......but  a lot of hard work to do yet in trimming, sanding the base smooth for cooking and pre-seasoning.


We feel strongly that we're creating history with an innovative new product that will last hundreds (thousands?) of years.....and that is why we date each one, and cast them with 'FIRST EDITION' for Kickstarter backers.


We still need your support!

At August 12 we're still $10,000 short of our all-or-nothing Kickstarter goal, with 25 days to go. Support our Australian cookware vision now on Kickstarter so we can also launch the BIG 36cm square Combo RGBBF roaster/grill.

It's almost Decision Day to either launch or cancel that awesome pan, and it's only crowdfunding support that can make it happen. So cast your vote AUSfonte supporters, before it's too late! 

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