First year Australian-made AUSfonte cookware predicted to become highly collectible in coming years.....and centuries.

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"Yes, I believe AUSfonte cast iron pans will become highly collectible in the coming years......and particular the First Edition and first year pans. They are already rare."  MJ Henry

Limited editions of the finest products of their kind are always collectible, and there is nothing more valuable than a First Edition. SOLIDTEKNICS only made around 500 of them for our first Kickstarter campaign in 2014, for the acclaimed AUSfonte Sauteuse pan. All were cast with 'FIRST EDITION  2 10 14' to reward our backers for putting their faith in our vision to create a new cookware industry for Australia.

AUSfonte First Edition 2 10 14 Sauteuse pan by SOLIDTEKNICS.jpg

The next most valuable collectible would be the AUSfonte Sauteuse pans cast with one of the casting batch dates in 2014. Though made in larger quantities for retail, these first year pans will also become highly collectible. They were popular very quickly so we recommend securing one now, while they are still available:

If you missed out on the Sauteuse FIRST EDITION pans on Kickstarter (concluded Sept 21, 2014), don't despair: in December 2014 SOLIDTEKNICS will be launching three (very innovative) new cast iron models in a new Kickstarter campaign, and once again they will be offered as FIRST EDITION pans for Kickstarter backers only.

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Best Regards and Happy Cooking,

Mark, Rebecca, Natasha and the SOLIDTEKNICS team