Good news for Australian cooks: a new Australian cookware industry is born!

Innovative new Australian-made cast iron pans become a reality after achieving success with strong crowdfunding support on

Australia has a new cookware industry after a successful crowdfunding project on for FonteTM ‘Tough Love’ cast iron pans by Australian company SOLIDTEKNICS.

The FonteTM project continues on Kickstarter until September 21, where backers can secure a FonteTM cast iron sauteuse pan for a $99 pledge, including delivery anywhere in Australia. A strong incentive for supporters of the Kickstarter project has been the exclusive offer of a unique collectible FonteTM pan with the words ‘FIRST EDITION’ cast under each pan, along with the actual casting date. This is unique marking is only available for Kickstarter backers. With this type of solid one-piece cast iron pan expected to last many hundreds of years, it could be the start of a family heirloom to be passed down for generations.

The Australian FonteTM pans will also be available in gourmet cook stores from November, however the RRP will be $129, and the pans won’t be cast with the words ‘FIRST EDITION’.

The innovative new cast iron pans have received rave reviews in the food media for their cooking performance and for their story: unique ‘Love Handles’ which are long and comfortable and reduce heat transfer up the handle, their elegant French-style sauteuse pan shape and their 100% Australian manufacturing. (See reviews at )

The FonteTM pans designer and founder of SOLIDTEKNICS, Mark Henry (the same engineer behind the successful Australian-designed Füri chef’s knives), said: “After so much hard work developing the Fonte pans and the significant risk we took making them in Australia, it was a huge relief to achieve our funding goal on Kickstarter ahead of the deadline. The cooks of Australia have really got behind us with a ton of support on social media and in the food blogs. Now we hope as many as possible will take advantage of our offer of First Edition collectible pan on Kickstarter before the September 21 deadline. Yes, we’re very happy to be off to such a strong start and can’t wait to show Australia our new patented cook’s innovations. Looks like it’s going to be a wild ride!”

To see what all the fuss is about with these new Aussie pans, and perhaps secure your own piece of Australian cookware history, visit or search for ‘Fonte’ on .....or for fun search 'Australian cookware' on Kickstarter. There's only one such pan.