Good news for Australian manufacturing: new Australian-made AUSfonte cookware outsells all the established import brands

The hottest thing in cookware today, and it's Australian-made: AUSfonte 24cm Sauteuse cast iron pan by  SOLID TEKNICS

The hottest thing in cookware today, and it's Australian-made: AUSfonte 24cm Sauteuse cast iron pan by SOLIDTEKNICS

New Australian-made cookware is making serious inroads versus all the big old import brands. SOLIDTEKNICS' AUSfonte 24cm Sauteuse pan is the #1 - selling piece of cookware on Australia's biggest kitchenware retail site, KitchenwareDirect, the 32cm BIGskillet is #3, and 32cm DEEPan is selling at #4.


Why so popular so quickly?

Mark J. Henry, the founder and development engineer at SOLIDTEKNICS is a mechanical engineer with two decades of experience designing and manufacturing high performance equipment for chefs in Australia, USA and France. He saw that cast iron cookware had great potential, with so many strong natural benefits, and he wanted to take on the challenge of turning the existing traditional old designs into high performance modern cookware. The experts agree he's succeeded at that goal, and chefs and home cooks are showing their overwhelming support on social media and at retail.

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Did you know AUSfonte is the only production cookware made in Australia?

AUSfonte pans are Australian-made (world-class Adelaide foundry), Australian-owned (Solidteknics Pty Ltd, Brisbane), and Australian-designed (MJ Henry, the Füri knife founder). AUSfonte is acclaimed by top chefs as the finest cast iron cookware available today, exported to the USA and sold in the best cookshops around Australia: 

The next star product from the SOLIDTEKNICS engineers?

After so much success in our Kickstarter campaigns (search for 'Solidteknics' at to see them all), we will continue to launch each new innovation as a Kickstarter campaign. Each new product will also be cast/engraved with the words 'FIRST EDITION' and the date, only for Kickstarter backers, and only during the campaign. 

We have 4 patents pending, and a lot of innovations for cooks under development, so to not to miss the new launches, please sign up for our newsletters here:

How can you help support the solidteknics vision for a new Australian cookware industry?

AUSfonte pans were only launched in late 2014, so it has been a rapid rise, but not everyone knows about this new Australian cookware industry yet. Please participate in our social media channels (icons at bottom of page), and share this article if you think this is good Aussie manufacturing news worth spreading! 

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