Wow, imagine if.....

Just say it was possible to manufacture innovative new world-first cookware and knives in Australia, or the USA.....

But how would it be possible to compete?

Part of the answer is in the first sentence: 'innovative new world-first'. There would be no point launching any 'me too' products, at any end of the market. We'll leave that to the others.

Made in Australia or USA will necessarily not be inexpensive, but it can still be good value if the innovation is powerful enough, there are advantages to locating supply close to customers, quality of materials and reliability of supply can be more trusted.....if the product is so well designed, engineered and made that it lasts for generations (and cost per year becomes almost zero for the investment-minded).

Frankly, we've had enough of society's disposability and waste in the pursuit of cheapness and profits. We want to find followers who are willing to think about their purchases with a long term view for not only their own selves and family, but for the future of their communities and world.

A premium price won't suit every budget, we know. But we're building this business based on the belief that there are enough people willing to invest in the future, in more ways than one.

A family heirloom that you can use every day and pass on from generation to generation? Now that would be great value!

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MJ Henry