Brisbane company SOLIDTEKNICS would like to throw down a friendly challenge this Australia Day long weekend: buy Australian-made.....instead of just talking about it over a beer!


Sure, it isn't always possible to buy Australian-made, with the decline in manufacturing gradually reducing the available options for buying local. Often you just can't, even if you genuinely want to.

The good news is that Australia has a whole new cookware industry with the successful launch of the AUSfonte cast iron cookware by SOLIDTEKNICS; 100% owned and made in Australia from clean Australian iron.

Their advanced cast iron Sauteuse pan has already received rave reviews from chefs, experts and home cooks in Australia and the USA. However the new company needs your help with the expansion of their product range by supporting their new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. In return for a 'pledge' of $149, plus $19 Australian shipping ($39 to USA), SOLIDTEKNICS will send you a 'reward' of their new 32cm BIGskillet cast iron pan. Great value alongside the European brands, with some serious Australian performance advantages like their long stay-cool 'Love Handles' and polished cooking surfaces. Every limited edition pan shipped to Kickstarter backers in April will be cast with the words 'First Edition' and the actual casting date, a unique feature for collectibility that proved extremely popular with their Sauteuse pan launch on Kickstarter in September 2014.

Mark Henry, the company founder and design engineer said, "We are passionate about a more sustainable future led by the people. Everyone can influcence corporate and government policy by choosing products more wisely, supporting solid durable products made from sustainable materials. Buy locally-made where possible, instead of cheap disposable imports made from questionable materials, like synthetic-coated cookware for one example. If it's not our Australian-made cookware products, we encourage everyone to buy someone's sustainable Australian-made product when it's time to replace the worn out import."

AUSfonte pans are the only production cookware made in Australia.  

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"Pledge to lend a little hand on Australia Australian-made cookware and support a SOLID new Australian industry."   (Anonymous Proud Aussie)