New York Times covers our Australian iron cookware!

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WOW! Australian-made SOLIDTEKNICS cookware covered in the New York Times!


Our Facebook post about the New York Times article went almost viral......on our little Aussie cookware industry scale! See it here:

French steel pans have been popular with the best chefs for centuries because they cook so beautifully, but they've always had rivetted strip steel handles. Now Australians make the world's only production seamless rivetless one-piece steel chef pans, and they have comfortable, stay-cool 'Love Handles'. We have patents pending because these pans are truly innovative.

The best Chefs grasped the significance of our AUS-ION seamless pans immediately (top chefs talk about SOLIDTEKNICS cookware here), and (almost) every home cook who sees our pans loves them for all the same good reasons.

Our healthy, non-toxic, forever-renewable, seasoned pans with multi-century warranty also appeal greatly to those rejecting disposable and toxic products. SOLIDTEKNICS cookware was recently selected by hot new site, who are riding the rising wave of consumers rejecting disposable products and seeking lifetime quality: 

Yes, we're proud of what we've achieved, after all the long, hard work, against all the odds (Aussie manufacturers will know what we mean).  

Please share the good Aussie iron cookware news with all the cooks you know. This fledgling Australian cookware industry is off to a great start, but we have a long way to go before we're a 'household name' and our survival is assured!