SOLID wins in the 2019 BuyMeOnce Excellence Awards

“Over at BuyMeOnce HQ, we are asked three questions time and time again; why are the products we sell expensive, why are there products on our site without lifetime guarantees and what makes a product BuyMeOnce worthy? We wanted to take the time to address these questions and talk to you about what we do, how we do it and what makes a BuyMeOnce product.”

This is the first year of the BuyMeOnce awards and they will now be run annually to recognise those brands who have shown the most commitment to longevity, sustainability, repairability and aftercare.

In these throwaway times, we are celebrating those people and brands who are bucking the trends of obsolescence and disposability.

We (Solidteknics) were fortunate to have been awarded twice;

BMO Excellence Durable2.png

Most Durable in the Kitchenware category.

This is our reasoning behind the giving of the award for this category:

"It’s pretty hard to beat a cast iron pan for durability, but Solidteknics goes even further by crafting theirs from one piece of seamless iron. No rivets, no broken handles, ever. Drop it, smash it, throw it in the fire, run over it with your car – these pans are indestructible. They back this with a multi-century warranty. A natural non-stick surface can be maintained indefinitely by seasoning and re-seasoning using natural oils."

BMO Excellence Aftercare3.png

Best Aftercare in the Kitchenware category.

This is our reasoning behind the giving of the award for this category:

"Solidteknics bears the best warranty on the BuyMeOnce website. On every one of their seamless iron pans, they offer a multi-century warranty, so even if your great-great-grandson manages to break it (he won’t), Solidteknics will honour their guarantee."


The awards ceremony will be hosted at Sustainable Bankside in London, home to the largest collection of sustainable businesses in Europe.

As a symbol of our commitment to the environment and longevity, an evergreen oak, on behalf of Buy Me Once will be planted in our company’s honour. These trees are one of the longest lasting species with some living to over 1000 years old.

Thank you to Tara and team at Buy Me Once.

With gratitude,

The Solidteknics Team.