SOLIDTEKNICS' innovative Australian-made 'Pan Grill-it' cast iron grilling inserts in new Kickstarter campaign

The Australian-made Pan Grill-it cast iron inserts convert regular flat pans into cast iron grills. Tasty and healthy cast iron grilling outdoors or indoors, without the need to buy (and store) a separate grill pan.   

                A screen shot from the  Pan Grill-it  Kickstarter campaign.  Click here to go direct to the campaign on Kickstarter.


             A screen shot from the Pan Grill-it Kickstarter campaign. Click here to go direct to the campaign on Kickstarter.

Pan Grill-it is basically a heathier and more convenient grill option. The deep ribbed and vented cast iron grill insert is placed inside a regular flat pan to turn it into a cast iron grill, whether the pan is cast iron, stainless steel, enamel, or ceramic. The benefits include that smokey grill taste that cast iron does so well, healthy fat-draining grilling outdoors or indoors, and making your current pans do double duty so you don't need to buy (and store) a separate cast iron grill pan. 

Everybody loves free stuff!

But what's the motivation for Kickstarter backers to pledge before the campaign's April 20 deadline, instead of waiting for the product to come to retail in June? Two great incentives:

1. Receive FREE extra Pan Grill-its when you pledge for sets of AUSfonte pan plus matching Pan Grill-it, starting at $158 plus shipping. See the three 'SETS' pledge options down the right of the Kickstarter campaign site here:

2. SOLIDTEKNICS ships Kickstarter backers their Pan Grill-it rewards cast with 'FIRST EDITION' and the exact casting date. This collectible 'heirloom' feature proved very popular in their first two campaigns for AUSfonte cast iron pans. 

The underside of the AUSfonte Sauteuse pans. Pan Grill-it backers will receive their rewards with similar markings.  These   limited and collectible First Edition castings are   only   produced for Kickstarter backers. 

The underside of the AUSfonte Sauteuse pans. Pan Grill-it backers will receive their rewards with similar markings. These limited and collectible First Edition castings are only produced for Kickstarter backers. 

The healthy grilling option

Apart from the deep fat-draining feature of Pan Grill-it inserts, like the AUSfonte pre-seasoned bare cast iron pans Pan Grill-it cast iron inserts are also naturally nonstick. This natural seasoning avoids synthetic nonstick coatings, which are becoming more of a concern as cooks learn about the dangers of overheating those synthetic coatings, especially for high temperature grilling. (For this reason SOLIDTEKNICS does not recommend using Pan Grill-it on nonstick pans.)

ausfonte: the Australian-made success story

It's only seven months since the first of three AUSfonte pans were launched, and already they are a hit with cooks in Australia and exported to the USA. In fact, the AUSfonte 24cm Sauteuse pan is the biggest-selling piece of cookware on Australia's biggest kitchenware site, KitchenwareDirect. See the good news here:  Also, a look over the SOLIDTEKNICS Facebook, Twitter and campaign comments shows the strong support from the cooking community, including high profile chefs and bloggers:  

Built by Australians in the foundry.....and online

Said Mark Henry, SOLIDTEKNICS founder and development engineer, "We are so grateful for all the support online from our supporters and the food media. Their sharing has basically built the AUSfonte brand because after all the engineering development there's never money left for marketing! We're focussed on developing three more patents pending for new innovations for cooks. All will be launched this year and all will be made in Australia. We want all Australians to know that they now have the option to buy locally-made cookware of world-leading quality, at competitive prices. More urgently, we are asking our supporters to help spread the word to ensure we reach our funding goal by April 20, so we can bring the new Pan Grill-it cast iron inserts to life.

Ausfonte is the only production cookware made in Australia, and they're exported to the traditional home of cast iron, the USA. The pans are acclaimed by experts as the best cast iron available today. They're innovative and gorgeous. What's not to love about them? A great Australian manufacturing story worth sharing!


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