The Great Australia Day Australian Iron Giveaway!


Updated 27/1/17: Wow, what an amazing competition, with so many beautiful responses! All the winning entries came in over Facebook, and were listed there in a comment under the OP. See screenshots of all the winning entries below, and some of the many 'highly commended' coments that we just couldn't bear allowing to slip into FB archive. Brilliant efforts, and we thank you all for your support for our Australian cookware vision!

Happy Cooking!

Our major prize winner!

Our runner-up prizes!

Great 'highly commended' comments worth re-reading!

Win a full set of Australian AUS-ION cookware, or one of 10 runner-up pans, this Australia Day 2017! 


Enter the competition by posting your answer to the 'burning' question below as a comment on our Facebook or Instagram posts about this Australia Day competition, anytime now until 11:59pm (AEST) on Australia Day, Thursday January 26, 2017.

The 'burning' question:  "Why do you think restaurants should be cooking with, and kitchenware stores selling, the new Australian-made AUS-ION iron cookware from Solidteknics, instead of imported disposable synthetic-coated nonstick pans?"

The winner of first prize of the full set of the 8x AUS-ION pans (pictured) will be selected by our founder/engineer, Mark Henry, just before midnight on Australia Day 2017, based on the best response to the 'burning' question, in his humble opinion. Yes, he will read them all, and his answer is final. He will also select the 10x runner up prizes of a 22cm AUS-ION Sauteuse pan for excellent comments and much-appreciated social sharing.

Open to supporters from anywhere, not just Aussies!

Remember, best and most complete answers WIN, so see these links for great winning info:

♥  What the experts and home cooks are really saying here

♥  The innovations that made these new Australian pans so loved, so quickly, here

♥  What the scientists believe about the health and sustainability of nonstick cookware here:

Tip: in your comment tag chefs, retailers, Aussies, and anyone who cooks or loves Australian-made.....repost, share, share, share, etc, to earn more good chances to win the runner-up prizes!

Bonus 'winning karma': tell us about conversations you had with chefs or kitchenware stores about this new revolution in healthy and sustainable Australian-made cookware. We are in 80 stores in Australia, so it's a great start, but with all our engineering focus we rarely have time to visit new ones, so we really need your help to spread the good news!

GOOD LUCK Aussie iron cooks, have a beaut Australia Day, and never forget we have a LOT to be proud of in this Great Southern Land!

NEWS! We have a new Kickstarter campaign (our 9th!) launching soon for our new limited engraved First Edition 35cm round-bottom Wok, and other awesome AUS-ION goodies. We also have a range of innovative seamless 1 piece nickel-free stainless steel saucepans launching soon, and solid one-piece chef knives launching later in 2017. All world-firsts, and all made in Australia! Join our Solid Supporters newsletter list here so you don't miss these 'game-changing' launches: