Wonderful social support online....and big yawn from Aussie print media!

We made the above post to Twitter to hopefully motivate some of the journalists sitting on the fence there (and overwhelmed with all their deadlines, we appreciate). Shouldn't it be BIG news: an all-new cookware industry, using factories desperate to fill the hole from the withdrawing auto industry? Not just newsworthy because Fonte is the ONLY pro cookware made in Australia, but because it is now, we're quietly confident, the world's best cast iron cookware? Wouldn't that gain some column space in the food sections of the Australian newspapers? 

You'd genuinely think so.....

We've been very appreciative of the efforts of @JohnLethlean at The Australian. His two articles hugely boosted interest in our Kickstarter launch, and our hopes of making our funding goal by September 21. Social sharing has also grown rapidly, but we're still tracking behind in our funding. 

So if you know any journalists, please remind them we've got some historic news that needs mass media print attention.....for Fonte's sake.....and for the sake of a new Australian cookware manufacturing industry!

Check our progress toward the Sept 21 deadline here, and please pledge your support for this once-only FIRST EDITION Fonte pan: