Solidteknics Vision

SOLIDTEKNICS is built on the premise that there are enough people like us who are tired of the waste and damage of the disposable consumer world, and are willing to think before they buy. To take personal responsibility for their purchasing decisions, and thereby influence corporate and governmental policy by 'voting with their wallet'. 

We believe in a more sustainable industry where cookware is not a disposable item, and is not coated with questionable synthetics for a little extra consumer convenience.

We only want SOLID and healthy cooking tools that are designed to be the best of their kind in the world, and made with such quality and integrity that they will last for multiple generations and centuries.

Solidteknics News

If you know about us and our products already, here is the place to read about our latest news items. 

SOLIDTEKNICS January 26th, 2018! -- LAUNCHED new world-first seamless 1-piece stainless 26cm Sauteuse, 26cm Skillet/lid, 17cm pan. INDUCTION Compatible. No rivets/welds/screws/ply. Indestructible. Multi-generation heirloom dated. This marks the 12th Kickstarter launch for our little Aussie chef engineering development company, and our biggest yet, all thanks to our passionate and rapidly growing worldwide support base. Thank you all: we are forever grateful! Click the campaign link here for all details.

Late 2017, we successfully concluded our 11th Kickstarter campaign to launch two new AUS-ION products: a Bigga 35cm (14") wrought iron skillet a Deep 21cm (8") pot/lid pair cooks anything with Tough Love! To find out more visit our campaign here.

This iron campaign came hot on the heels of our campaign for the world's first seamless one piece solid stainless saucepans. With no rivets, no welds, no loose screws, and no clad/ply layers, nöni is one solid monobloc of conductive ferritic stainless. Induction-compatible and resistant to liquids, acidic sauces, etc, nöni wrought stainless is the perfect match for our wrought iron pans. More details in our news blog here.

Solid Products

Developed by food-loving mechanical engineer MJ Henry for centuries of performance for pro chefs and serious home cooks. 


“I love working with the Solidteknics pans because they’re indestructible, they deliver, and they’re fantastic to cook with…..and it’s a genius idea, and they’re local.”

Chef Neil Perry, Rockpool Group
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"To build not just a collection of great products and a memorable brand, but to introduce industry-changing innovation and build a truly great company which will endure for generations and contribute back to our families, our communities and our world.....contributing more profoundly than by monetary means alone".

MJ Henry,  SOLIDTEKNICS founder and development engineer