Instructions for AUSfonte Pan Grill-it


Superfast Aussie summary:

  1. If you want to get started immediately you could just throw your PG in the pan and crank up the heat to max. Test with a small drop of water on bars: if it sizzles and disappears quickly it's hot enough to throw on meat!
  2. Scrub under warm water with a stiff brush to clean.
  3. Don't get burned.


A bit more detail:

Meat grilling on PG is much the same as high temperature searing in a seasoned cast iron pan.....just with more 'grilly' flavour!

It needs heat: Cooking with Pan Grill-it requires a lot of heat, particularly for correct fast meat searing: probably more than you're used to compared with regular indoor non-iron pans. Don't be afraid to pre-heat to max for 10 minutes to be sure there's enough heat all the way to top of bars. (Start on medium heat for a few minutes, then max until you reach temperature, then back to medium soon after you've placed food to avoid overheating.) To know if you have sufficient temperature, use the drop of water method (like woks): drip a small drop onto top of bars and if it dances and sizzles away quickly, you're ready to place the meat.

Don't use oil: When you get your PG to the right temperature you won't need oil to avoid sticking. Don't move the meat until it seals and naturally releases itself (like a cast iron pan). Oil will only run down to the pan and burn off with a lot of excess smoke. You can expect smoke from any grill, and PG is no exception, but you can minimise it by not adding oil. Like a flat cast iron pan, you can 'dry rub' salt and pepper, etc, into meat surface with just a little oil to help it stick.

Which pans are suitable? Pan Grill-it works in any pan of suitable diameter and ability to resist the high heat required for real grilling/searing. Seasoned cast iron pans are best and easiest to clean (natural and safe high temp non-stick seasoning): works in stainless steel, ceramic or enamel, but NOT synthetic-coated nonstick pans (see below).

Safety and cautions

Potentially toxic fumes from synthetic-coated pans: NOT suitable for synthetic-coated non-stick pans due to their low temperature limits and toxic fumes when overheated. All such nonstick pans should come with warnings, but unfortunately they don't, and a lot of consumers don't know the dangers (see credible warnings all over the internet, including from the chemical companies who make the coatings, or start here: and follow the links).

Don't lift PG out of pan while it's hot, except with extreme caution and strong secure tools: We recommend leaving your hot PG in the pan until both pan and PG have cooled down sufficiently to allow for safe extraction and cleaning. We do have one advanced PG cooking method where steak (or panini, etc) is sandwiched between two PGs, but please don't attempt this unless you have a very strong and safe method for lifting the top PG to place the food between. We don't supply a tool for this purpose.

Thank you again for supporting our Australian cookware vision and Happy Grilling!


1. Versatility, convenience, flavour and health benefits of grilling with Pan Grill-it

>>>> Unbeatable cast iron grill taste: Cast iron grills are used by all the serious grillers for a reason: the taste can't be beaten. For a one-pot flavour sensation, use Pan Grill-it for double-layer roasting: meats on top and vegetables underneath. Easily the best roast meals we've tasted, with only one pan and insert to clean up!

>>>>  Convert your regular flat pan into a healthy cast iron grill for indoor or outdoor grilling on any heat source, then convert it back again for regular cooking: One pan becomes two pans, instead of buying separate flat pans and grill pans. Convert your flat stainless steel, ceramic, bare cast iron or enamel pan into a healthy cast iron grill in seconds.  

>>>>  Easier grilling. More grilling: Get that cast iron grill BBQ taste indoors on cold/rainy days. Cover mucky public BBQs with your clean Pan Grill-it. There are many configurations possible, including using one Pan Grill-it under and one on top (in oven or preheated). 

>>>>Deep ribs with fat-draining channels underneath: Drain fats away more effectively than shallow-grooved regular grill pans.

>>>> Clean and safe cooking, even at high temperatures: Naked, honest cast iron, lightly pre-seasoned at the foundry.Sear at high temp without concern for synthetic non-stick coatings. Seasoned cast iron has been trusted for centuries and is now booming again, particularly in the USA. We've been instrumental in 'kickstarting' the wave in Oz with our very successful AUSfonte pans and video/instructional learning aides. Simple cleaning and seasoning maintenance creates strong natural corrosion resistance and safe non-stick (see Simple seasoning/care beginner video here:

2. Because ancient wisdom often still holds true: Pan Grill-it is innovative new cookware engineering, but cast iron has been trusted for many centuries for its food safety and cooking ability. See general health and cooking benefits of cast iron here:

3. Trust in the best of Australian capability: Partnering with Australia’s best production foundry (strict materials control and world-class automation/quality/efficiency) for the new purpose of pro-level cookware, 100% MADE IN AUSTRALIA. Our foundry exports 70+% of its production because it is globally competitive at the high quality end of iron castings. See our South Australian foundry in action here:

4. Don’t just buy grill insert, invest in a family heirloom: Pan Grill-t™ inserts are so tough they will no doubt be passed down through many generations. No need to state a warranty expiry: these solid one-piece iron castings will last for centuries. And of course we'll replace anything matter which century it was purchased in! 

5. Help create SOLID cookware history: If you want to share the pride in being a real part of launching a new Australian cookware industry and whole new level of cast iron cookware engineering, we need your help sharing our news with all your friends: please post your grilling triumphs! We need support to keep developing more patent-pending innovations throughout 2015, our sensitive first full year, and beyond while we build a SOLID multi-generation brand, company, and industry for Australia.

Thank you again for supporting our Australian cookware vision, and Happy Grilling!

Mark, Rebecca, Natasha and the SOLIDTEKNICS team