Joining our SOLIDTEKNICS retail stockist family

Since launch of our 100% Australian-made  SOLIDTEKNICS cookware in late 2014, sales and stockturns for our independent cookshops have been fast. Our sole online retailer, KitchenwareDirect, saw our AUSfonte Sauteuse pan become their number one selling piece of cookware, and exports to the USA have been growing at a rapid rate.

The success started with our AUSfonte cast iron range after it was succesfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter in September 2014 (see ), and accelerated after launch of our chef-acclaimed AUS-ION seamless one-piece steel chef pans in late 2015 (see ).

Now that our product ranges are strongly established, we are ready to take distribution to the next level by actively seeking new retail stockists for the first time (as opposed to focusing on the engineering and letting retailers contact us). If you are an independent expert cookshop, or upscale housewares independent, we would love to discuss partnering with you to introduce Australia's only production cookware ranges to your customer base.

Our National Sales Manager, Lara Gaelen, is ready to look after you personally: 

What drove such rapid success for this new Australian cookware industry?

Innovation and engineering excellence. With four patents pending and a number of world-first performance features, the chefs and experts have quickly recognised that Australia now leads the world in bare cast iron and commercial steel cookware. See our Solid Products page for a summary of those performance features:

Financial viability through crowdfunding. The high risk and very high cost of tooling and producing two new cookware ranges in Australia meant that traditional capital-intensive investment was impossible. Unit costs and retail prices would be astronomical if tooling costs were fully amortised across production units. So it was our big support base of Kickstarter backers who got behind our campaigns and funded the investment in manufacturing: basically paying for the tooling and subsidising our costs to make our cookware not just viable, but competitive against the best imports.

Successful crowdfunding generated social media buzz, which generated retail demand. By the time our retailers received their stock, our followers on social media had already built the demand by spreading the news far and wide about this exciting new Australian cookware industry. The response has been overwhelming in numbers, and overwhelmingly positive. See our social media sites in the buttons below for the amazing outpouring of support (Facebook and Instagram have been particularly powerful in building our cookware brands). 

Distribution strategy focused on independent kitchenware shops. We are focused on independent expert cookshops for a number of good reasons. Our products are not expensive, being competitive with European brands, but they are not mass-market-cheap either. They are also 'expert' products, requiring some knowledge to understand the full benefits of our innovative new cookware, particularly since is is made from bare seasoned cast iron and steel. It is only the expert independent stores who can explain our products correctly to customers new to this style of cooking. We also have only one exclusive online retailer for a reason: we don't want to see our brands destroyed by discounters. All our independents are having no trouble selling good volumes of SOLIDTEKNICS cookware at full RRP.

Feedback from independent retailers

Our current stockists are listed here: 'Where To Buy'


Healthy Homewares Maleny


Koskela, Rosebery, NSW

"If you're not cooking on cast iron yet, you're missing out - especially if you're not cooking on THIS cast iron. We're so very excited to bring our customers a product we really believe in: Cast Iron Cookware by Solidteknics. Created by a food-loving mechanical engineer who has had such great success with other food tools in the past, you can imagine that this is the perfect storm of well-designed cookware.  Each piece lives up to this expectation, both from our customer's perspective and our personal experiences. They are each cleverly designed and made from high-quality materials. We love that they are Australian Made and internationally competitive as far as the quality is concerned. To be honest, there are so many things to love - every small detail has been considered, such as (our favourite)  a handle designed to stay cool to the touch even at full temps. This is an essential part of our kitchen offering and we're excited to watch the range develop and grow even more."

This is a compilation from a few instagrams that we've done:

Ashley Jones, Koskela, Rosebery, NSW.