By: on 10 November 2020
These pans are exceptional. You can’t buy anything better in my opinion.

Mrs M Ranacher

By: on 29 September 2020
I was so excited to find an Australian company that made beautiful high quality cookware I absolutely love the pan I bought and will be buying the complete range We need more company like this

Easier than expected!

By: on 7 April 2020
This is my first time to iron cookware. I was a bit put off by seasoning and the weight, but desperately wanted something healthier for my family. Seasoning was smelly but so easy! And after two oven seasons and one stovetop seasoning, my fried eggs were slip sliding all over the pan - so good! I wasn’t expecting it to become so non-stick so quickly. The heat distribution is awesome and fried eggs didn’t spread out too far. The handle does get hotter than I expected, and only cool enough to handle right near the end, which is too far out to hold for me. But a simple tea towel or oven mitt is enough to counter that small issue. Well worth the price and small effort to learn a new skill.

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