30cm AUS-IONSatin ‘workhorse’ Chef’s Skillet, 3mm thick Australian wrought iron, made in Australia in a patented single piece construction. Raw finish, wax coated, ready for seasoning. A large, versatile skillet that will never need replacing. Induction compatible and tough enough for any oven (except microwaves), any cooktop and open flame.

Each pan is engraved with the month and year of manufacture for heirloom collectibility.


L 58cm incl. handles, Diam 30cm, H at handle 10cm, H of bowl 5.5cm, Capacity 3ltrs, Weight 2kg

Designed to fit in a standard 600mm oven.

AUS-ION™ Australian-made wrought iron professional cookware is perfect for everyday oil/fat based frying, grilling, etc. AUS-ION™ cooks and seasons like all bare cast iron cookware, but is half the weight. Seasoned iron is the only known non-toxic and forever-renewable non-stick. All other non-stick cookware is made with toxic and/or disposable synthetic coatings.

Please ensure you are familier with our seasoning and care instructions here before purchase.

What is 'Satin?'

'Satin' refers to the surface finish: Shot-peened and lightly pre-seasoned all over, with no additional anti-corrosion coating to remove prior to use. The textured 'Satin' finish makes seasoning easier (the rough surface grips seasoning better when the pan is new, making them easier for inexperienced seasoners). With shot peening we found a way to replicate cast iron's ease of seasoning in our lighter wrought-iron pans.

Shot peening?

Shot peening is also known as shot blasting. Thousands of small steel balls are fired at the surface at extreme velocities to indent (peen) the surface without removing metal. It is not an abrasive process like sand or grit blasting. 

Peening leaves a minutely hammered surface that is perfect for anchoring seasoning in the 'craters', while not being sharp enough to jag food on the 'hills'.

What is this seasoning you speak of?

If you are new to iron cookware seasoning is basically ‘build your own’ natural non-stick and it is the reason why bare iron cookware can become non-stick without toxic and/or disposable synthetic coatings. It involves a process called polymerisation whereby oil and fat is transformed by heat and bonds to the iron, creating a non-toxic natural non-stick surface that you build and maintain yourself over time. If you cook with fats and oils and wash carefully, your natural non-stick will keep renewing for many lifetimes. Your pan will naturally darken in colour as the seasoning develops.

Natural seasoning is healthy, non-toxic and forever renewable. Discover how easy it is to build-your-own healthy, non-stick and forever-renewable AUS-ION™ cooking surface here and never replace a non-stick pan again!

AUS-ION features and benefits at a glance:

  • Ergonomic handle, venting in neck to dissipate heat and reduce heat transfer at grip for cooler handing with regular use.
  • World first One-piece, rivet & weld free construction for improved hygiene & durability (patents pending) - no food trapped around rivets, no wobbly handles ever.
  • Suitable for induction and any cook top/oven/flame source (except microwave)
  • Build your own natural seasoning to make these pans very nonstick.  Traditional oil based seasoning is healthy, toxin-free, and forever renewable – just like cast iron, only ½ the weight.  Watch the videos to see how easy it is here: http://www.solidteknics.com/ironcare
  • Multi-century warranty (single piece construction, no coatings, thick & tough): http://www.solidteknics.com/warranty/ Not a marketing gimmick, just solid engineering.


SOLIDTEKNICS AUS-ION™ wrought iron (low-carbon steel), and nöni ferritic stainless steel cookware are the only two production cookware ranges made in Australia. Both ranges are non-toxic, healthy, sustainable, and multi-century durable.  AUS-ION™ and nöni™ are also World-first seamless, rivet-free, 1-piece wrought pans, with patents pending.  

Ideally, every cook interested in healthy, non-toxic, and sustainable cooking will have a mixture of iron and stainless steel pans in the kitchen, because each has its strengths for different types of cooking:

1. AUS-ION™ Australian-made wrought iron professional cookware is perfect for everyday oil/fat based frying, grilling, etc. AUS-ION™ cooks and seasons like all bare cast iron cookware, but is half the weight. Seasoned iron is the only known non-toxic and forever-renewable non-stick. All other non-stick cookware is made with toxic and/or disposable synthetic coatings. 

2. Our new conductive solid ferritic nöni™ stainless steel range is perfect for all liquid boiling, slow cooking, acidic sauces, and is very low maintenance.....and indestructible.

Both ranges are designed to work together as a complete set of complementary pans, on any heat source.

Please familiarise yourself with our Seasoning and Care instructions here before purchase, especially if you are new to bare iron cookware.


For deliveries outside of the US, New Zealand and Australia, please contact info@solidteknics.com with your country, we can quote the shipping and add the destination.



A pan to rule them all!

By: on 9 October 2020
This is the pan we have been looking for. After multiple disappointments with pans, spending hundreds of dollars on fancy imports with the promise of 10 year guarantee etc etc. The SolidTechnics Satin 30... after some care at seasoning, is putting up with anything we have thrown at it so far, we cook at very high heat and it performs splendidly, cleaning up is also easy! I recommend this pan to anyone who is tired of buying pans for the local landfill : )


By: on 9 September 2020
Love my pans from Solidteknics, bought this and the skillet pan. Both deliver fantastic results, super easy to clean and so much healthier for you. They maybe a little pricey but will last forever. I am so glad I finally went ahead and purchased, should have done sooner. Even heat, no sticking, don't need a high temperature, retains heat well, handle remains cool, lightweight. Will definitely buy another in the future to add to my two pans. Communication upon ordering is excellent and quick delivery. Plenty of seasoning instructions found via website and lots of other helpful information. A great Australian made product that will last for years, highly recommend.


By: on 8 September 2020
We have been using a range of the frypans. They are terrific. A tip for new buyers is to follow the seasoning process and be patient. We were getting frustrated at first then spoke to the company, they told us to stay the course we were on and the pans slowly got better and better. All Australian quality product with great service.

Satin' 30cm Wrought Iron Skillet

By: on 13 August 2020
This has been a great purchase. I followed the seasoning instructions and will not be buying another non-stick pan ever again. It cooks fantastic and has enabled me to to really nail some great crunchy finishes on dishes that have been eluding me for some time. Just recently cooked a perfect dry aged rib steak . Easy to clean and keep seasoned. Cannot recommend highly enough !

Great for beginner cooks too

By: on 10 August 2020
During COVID I’ve increased my interest in cooking and wanted to pick a product that would help. Seasoning the pan is simple, as is cleaning it, and its’ heavy (but not too heavy) weight gives me confidence it will last awhile and cook food evenly. It’s not as deep as other large pans I’ve had but it does the job.

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