The Ultimate 5 piece Modular Cooking System!

  • 24cm nöni™ Steamer
  • 2L Rondeau & 24cm Deep Skillet-Lid
  • 3L Rondeau & 24cm Shallow Skillet-Lid 

Five high performance cookware pieces makes up this great set. Our small 24cm nöni™ Steamer, plus our popular 3L Rondeau Set AND 2L Rondeau Set! Mix and match all five pieces depending on your cooking and steaming needs. 

Our 24cm Steamer is perfect for all of those smaller steaming jobs: a side of vegetables, two chicken breasts and fish fillets, a handful of dumplings, baby or toddler meals. Plus it doubles as a smaller flaming skillet!

nöni™ 3L Rondeau (or Fait Tout, or multi-purpose Dutch oven) can be used alone as a frying pan, pot or add the Skillet-lid (either way up) to make a Dutch oven/casserole. Ideal for browning meats in the relatively shallow Rondeau, then braising or stewing with the lid on. Don't be afraid to take it outdoors: this oven is also indestructible on open flame, with the easy low-maintenance of stainless steel. A far lighter camp oven than cast iron! Polish it up when you get home and take it back to the kitchen, not the garage!

The 2L Rondeau is perfect pan for those jobs when the 3L or 6L Rondeau is too big or deep, and skillets are too shallow. With a matching 24cm skillet-lid, this is the perfect size for one-pan meals, small roasts, baking cakes and breads, and sauces or heating up leaftovers! A great size for the caravan and outdoor adventures, with dual-handles make it a convenient size for smaller ovens. From stove top, to oven, to campfire! The 2L Rondeau will also work as a vessel for our nöni™ 6.5L Steamer 


Made from 3mm ferritic, non nickel stainless steel with a seamless, one-piece design for easy cleaning and maximum durability. Take it from stove top (including induction), to oven, to BBQ, to the outdoors. Our nöni™ range is made from ferritic, non nickel stainless steel. nöni™ is very low maintenance as it does not require seasoning - cooks like iron, cleans like stainless! nöni™ is ideal for all liquid boiling, slow cooking, acidic sauces, and is very low maintenance.

nöni™ cleaning, care & cooking tips, CLICK HERE



  • Multi-century warranty
  • Suitable for all heat sources (including induction)
  • Made from a single sheet of 3mm ferritic, non nickel stainless steel
  • One-piece, seamless design. No joins, screws or rivets!
  • Made in Australia


24cm Steamer

Diameter: 24cm

Depth: 4.5cm

Stove Contact: 19cm

Capacity: 1.5L

Weight: 1.2kg


2L Rondeau (base)

Diameter: 24cm

Depth: 6cm

Stove Contact: 18cm

Capacity: 2L

Weight: 1.53kg


24cm Deep Skillet-lid

Diameter: 24cm

Depth: 3cm

Stove Contact: 19.5cm

Capacity: 1L

Weight: 1.53kg


3L Rondeau (base)

Diameter: 24cm

Depth: 9cm

Stove Contact: 16.5cm

Capacity: 3L

Weight: 1.53kg


24cm shallow Skillet-lid

Diameter: 24cm

Depth: 0.5cm

Stove Contact: 22cm

Capacity: n/a

Weight: 1.53kg


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