SOLIDTEKNICS nöni™ 8 piece Heirloom Ferritic Stainless Steel Cookware Set. 

With this ultimate buy it once, buy it right heirloom nöni™ cookware set, you will receive the following:

  • nöni™ 22cm Sauteuse - click here for full product details and photos.
  • nöni™ 3L stainless steel saucepan + skillet-lid and steamer set - click here for full product details and photos.
  • nöni™ 2.5L stainless steel saucepan + skillet-lid set - click here for full product details and photos.
  • nöni™ 26cm Frypan - click here for full product details and photos.
  • nöni™ 6L 33cm Rondeau + 33cm Skillet-lid set - click here for full product details and photos.

This highly versatile modular set is made in Australia from seamless 3mm thick ferritic steel. Rotary polished inside pan, and raw brushed manufactured surface outside. There will be minor processing scuff marks, unique to each pan, which we consider to be a thing of natural beauty and truth! Multi-function skillet-lid innovation! Both saucepan and lid are made from one seamless 3mm wrought monobloc of very tough ferritic stainless steel, representing World-first innovation!

There are no synthetic coatings or enamel, and no rivets, welds, seams or clad layers to eventually fail. So just like our seamless wrought iron AUS-ION range, we offer a multi-century warranty for nöni™. Each pan is engraved with the month and year of manufacture for heirloom collectability.  

Skillet-lids can be used alone or as high performance skillets in their own right. This highly conductive ferritic stainless steel will cook and brown more like wrought iron than the stainless steel you might be used to!

But what makes nöni™ so conductive and indestructible?

nöni™ is a genuine world-first in cookware: seamless, one-piece, production wrought stainless steel cookware. No rivets, coatings, or welds - just fast and even heating on all heat sources, without the need for fragile clad layers to improve conductivity. This has never been done before because it is almost impossible, and not possible with traditional pressing methods. After thousands of years of metal cookware (and a century of disposable cookware), this innovative little Australian engineering co. found a way. Patents pending.

For nöni™ we scoured the globe for the most exceptional ferritic stainless steel (zero stainless steel is made in Australia!). This is not a common Nickel austenitic stainless steel: this ferritic is much more heat conductive. Non-Nickel = magnetic = induction compatible. Our Ultimate nöni™ Heirloom Cookware Set is wrought from this beautiful material. 

Expensive? Certainly not inexpensive, but an investment in the future. Manufacturing in Australia, with this world-first (and difficult) patented method, to this high quality level, with exotic ferritic stainless and a lot of artisanal hand finishing, is certainly not inexpensive or fast to produce. We hope you will agree that nöni™ is great value as an investment in a lifetime of solid cooking love, and an heirloom to pass down for many generations. See the FAQ’s here for much more detail on Australian manufacturing cost reality and our prices vs. competition + more.

Please note: This exceptional deal is only available directly from SOLIDTEKNICS online.


Made in Australia from the highest quality 3mm thick ferritic stainless steel.

nöni™ cleaning, care & maintenance tips here


nöni™ 22cm Sauteuse

Weight: 1.1kg

Depth: 5.4cm

Overall Length: 45.5cm 

Diameter: 22cm

Capacity: 1.75L

Height of Handle: 9cm

nöni™ 3L Rondeau

Weight: 1.53kg

Depth: 9cm

Overall Length: 35.7cm

Diameter: 24cm

Capacity: 3L

nöni™ 24cm Skillet Lid

Weight: 1.53kg

Total Length: 35.7cm

Diameter: 24cm

nöni™ 2.5L Saucepan

Weight: 1.3kg

9cm deep

height at handle: 13cm

50.5cm long overall

23cm Diameter

15.5cm Stove contact

SOLIDTEKNICS nöni™ 23cm Skillet-lid: 

Weight: 1.3kg

40.5 cm long overall

23cm Diameter

20cm Stove contact

nöni™ 26cm Frypan

Weight: 1.6kg

Depth: 4.3cm 

Overall Length: 51.5cm 

Diameter: 26cm 

Capacity: 1.75L 

Stovetop Contact Surface: 22cm

​nöni™ 6L Rondeau

Weight: 2.6kg

Depth: 10cm

Overall Length: 46cm

Diameter: 33cm

Capacity: 6 Litres

Height of Handle: 12cm

Stovetop Contact Surface: 26cm

nöni™ 33cm Skillet Lid

Weight: 2.6kg

Depth: 2.5cm

Overall Length: 46cm 

Diameter: 33cm



Finally! (Pans that will survive many years)

By: on 10 May 2023
Nearly 2 years ago we bought this set from SOLIDTECHNICS to replace a mix of other brands of cookware. We received a bigger set that is no longer offered by mistake and after a couple of phone conversations with The SOLIDTECHNICS staff we paid the difference in price. This Noni cookware is just superb for use on our induction cook top. The ability to use them on the top and in the oven, without worrying about damaging handles is phenominal. The fact that the handles don't get hot to handle on the cooktop is a real bonus for older people too. We can have crusted on residue, flash-over oil burnt onto the pans and they come clean with a scourer pad. Occasionally we need to use 'Gumption' to clean the pans. Having had to replace cookware over 40 years of marriage we are now using the last set of pans we will ever use. If our daughter live in Australia we would hand them on to her but a nice/nephew will most likely get this cookware when we die. We keep an eye on the SOLIDTECHNICS web page for any new items and are very pleased that they are Australian designed and made.

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