This starter pack will have everything you need to begin your non-toxic Australian made cookware journey.

Cookware built to last -- from generation to generation.

AUS-ION™ is ideal for all of your everyday frying needs such as eggs, pancakes/crepes, browning and caramelisation...especially proteins such as meats. It's also excellent for baking - ie pies, cakes, pizza, and bread. Roast vegetables, fried rice, frittata, omelettes, and toasted sandwiches are also perfect for AUS-ION™.

Pack includes:

1 x 22cm AUS-ION™ Satin Sauteuse

Deeper sides than a standard skillet, this pan ideal for one-pan meals such as frittatas, scrambled eggs, baking (bread & cakes) and small roasts. Also great for deep frying and pan searing.

1 x 26cm AUS-ION™ Satin frypan and 1 x 30cm Satin AUS-ION™ frypan (with helper handle) 

Your 'everyday' workhorse frying pans. A skillet (also referred to as a frying pan) has sloped sides that taper in at the bottom. It’s used for anything from eggs, omelettes, meat, frittatas, pancakes, pies, even cakes. These pans will get you that perfect steak sear!



Australian Made Cookware

By: on 10 August 2021
I fell in love with these pans when I saw my daughters. I love they are Australian made and are generational. Thank you Solidteknics.


By: on 8 April 2021
I bought this set to replace my non-stick pans because they regularly warp, flake, and aren't oven proof. Once seasoned (which is a must and easy enough) these have been phenomenal, great in the oven and my pancakes slide cleanly out of the pan, the handles don't get hot when on the stove and heat quickly and evenly. Every single pan in this set I honestly can't rave enough about, so happy I don't have anymore Teflon nasties near my food. Great Australian product!

Love my new Aus-ion pans ,

By: on 31 December 2020
I’m sold , all my family will be getting these for future birthdays , saving the planet 1 pan at a time

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