Note: The stainless steel TSS is available for expression of interest only, existing orders placed before April 30 2021 are expected to ship in late July 2021. If you missed this round, please select the 'notify me' button to be notified when we run our next production run.

Solid 3mm non-Nickel ferritic stainless version for value, machine-made in Australia.

Dates stamped for the ages.

Features and benefits:

  • 3 essential pan tools in one: turner, scraper, and scooper
  • Solid 3mm thick, for many centuries durability. Never replace in your lifetime, and pay it forward for many generations of heirloom cooking love
  • Side radius designed to match Solidteknics pan radii better than generic turners/scrapers/scoops
  • Asymmetrical head for more efficient turning, right and left-handed options available.
  • Straight, thin edge for scraping. Ideal for keeping stainless pans clean as you cook, and scraping lumps from seasoned pans
  • Deep side wall for big capacity scooping


Weight: 300gms (Stainless) 

LxW 295mm x 80mm

TSS is the only one of its kind, and we believe this is the best combination of Turner, Scraper, Scooper, available in one multi-century durable, non-toxic, locally-made hand tool. An Australian innovation, not a copy of old classics or new imports. Because it combines all 3 tools, it is not as short as a scraper, and not as long as a wok turner, scooper, etc.

Scraping is important for seasoned iron. Most difficulties with sticking on seasoning arise from not being aware that all the fine black bumps are carbonised food, and not seasoning, and those bumps act as velcro for food. Scrape them down as you cook! Far more effective than rounded edge flippers. If it is scraping seasoning off too, just press less hard.

We made left and right-handed versions, but you can use either: just rotate a left version around a pan clockwise and the right version counterclockwise!

Please contact if you have any queries.



Great, solid kitchen utensil

By: on 29 March 2021
The name really does say it all. This is not some flimsy 18/10 stainless steel egg flip, it's a very solid, seamless piece of steel that would probably chop your wire rack in half if you got a bit carried away. Like all Solidteknics cookware, this is a beautiful and practical utensil. While I haven't used it to scrape anything yet, I know it'll get the job done with no damage to the utensil.

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