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it is this kind of feedback that drives us forward in our vision for a new, world-leading, australian cookware industry..... 


After all the hard work creating what we believe are the best wrought iron and stainless steel pans in the world today, and creating a whole new cookware industry for Australia, where none existed, we are very grateful for such solid support from the experts and home cooks.....and, yes, we are very proud. Thank you all!

Note: none of the articles/reviews here are scripted, sponsored or planted: all are genuine enthusiasm for something new and extraordinary.....building into a real groundswell of support for this new Australian cookware industry.  Many of the social posts here are embedded from Facebook and Twitter posts, so you will need to be logged in to see those.

 Click here to go to the original article in The Telegraph.

Click here to go to the original article in The Telegraph.

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Wow, we HAD to share these great reviews from one of the iron cooking experts in the USA. In a land dominated by big (and very good) traditional American iron, Jeff Rogers has the experience to know why our pans are so different. Our sales in the USA have been rocketing, with this kind of recognition from the iron cooking experts. Chefs in the USA are getting as excited as Australian chefs about this innovative new category of iron cookware: seamless formed wrought iron!

We've been blessed with great support from the experts in Australia and the USA. Experts like Stephanie Alexander are helping spread the word that Australian-made iron cookware is clearly the best option for our health, and we are very grateful for their support:



FAQ: Is there such a thing as a naturally nonstick pan that's non-toxic, has no heat limits, and is forever-renewable, not disposable?

A: Yes.

We see a lot of posts from excited cooks when they discover that nonstick doesn't need to be synthetic, toxic and disposable. Natural seasoned steel/iron wins for health and sustainability!

 More expert, unsolicited, free opinion in this Facebook review post by Jeff Rogers, The Culinary Fanatic in the USA. Click on the image to go to the OP.

More expert, unsolicited, free opinion in this Facebook review post by Jeff Rogers, The Culinary Fanatic in the USA. Click on the image to go to the OP.


The only time we do prompt for responses is during competitions partnered with our favourite food bloggers. Here's a few great examples showing the genuine enthusiasm behind the well-written and researched responses:

Jo Whitton at Quirky Cooking received over 1,000 written entries in this competition, most of them very high quality!

Giveaway - I have 2 x Solidteknics: Tough Love for Cooks, by food-loving engineer MJ Henry.. '32cm BIGskillet' with...

Posted by Janella Purcell on Thursday, August 13, 2015

While you read this on Facebook, remember all comments here are unsponsored and we never 'plant' comments. This is raw enthusiasm for something special happening in this new Australian cookware industry!

I recieved my Australia Day Edition Crepe pan and Bombee pan yesterday.I love and have always supported this product...

Posted by Louise Brown on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The comments by cooks in this post by Additive-Free Pantry beautifully sums up all the reasons why AUSfonte has been so successful, so quickly. The tide is turning toward sustainable and healthy cookware, rapidly:

GIVEAWAY TIME...To launch our new website we have teamed up with Solidteknics: Tough Love for Cooks, by food-loving...

Posted by Additive-Free Pantry on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Here's some of our favourites from the 270+ entries in the competition above on Additive-free Pantry:

 By Tanya K.:

O=0 nasties
T=tough love for cooks
E=easy to cook & clean 

By Assondra S.: 

Made in Australia, with love you can't beat. 
Easy to clean, it's an engineers treat. 
Will last me forever, and then when I'm gone,
My daughters will get them, passing all that love on. 
No nasties will find their way in to your cooking, and the pure Aussie iron will keep you good looking. 
No Teflon in my house, no constant replacing,
With AUSfonte around, cooking keeps my heart racing.


By Arthur P.: 

I had cast iron when I fled my home,
Since then my cooking'a been alone,
Without my friendly heavy pan
My heart's been heavier than I can
Really say. But now I find
The heavier pan again 
Lightens my heart
Strengthens my arms
Keeping me from dietary harm.


By Linda H.: 

No toxicity
Great capacity
For saving energy
And keeping us healthy
'Love handle' ability
Increases suitability 
Bonus capability:
It lasts for eternity!

BIG NEWS: EXCLUSIVE AUSTRALIAN MADE COOKWARE COMING SOON!You may have heard the segment this morning on ABC Goulburn...

Posted by The Essential Ingredient Albury on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Best money I ever spent on cookware. Fantastic and Australian Designed and Manufactured.Worth more than the cost to me.Nothing from overseas comes close to these products. Another Australian World Beater.

Posted by Louise Brown on Monday, May 11, 2015

Click on comments bubble above to see what AUSfonte Tough Love pan owners have to say about their experiences.

Early pressieThanks Santa. @solidteknics #castiron #cookingpan @executivechef @haydenskitchen #aussiemade # solidteknics #happy

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More Solid Facebook & Instagram support

For those who aren't logged on to Facebook to see the embedded posts, here are some screenshots from customer posts on our Facebook page among the many thousands of great comments of support.....

 On instagram recently, @my_little_white_kitchen had this to say about cooking pancakes on her AUS-ION 30cm Skillet.....

On instagram recently, @my_little_white_kitchen had this to say about cooking pancakes on her AUS-ION 30cm Skillet.....

Feeling blessed and grateful for all the wonderful support for our SOLIDTEKNICS vision:

♥ To see the buzz for AUSfonte in the food media: 

♥ For inspirational AUSfonte customer cooking posts, see this collection of cast iron cooking triumphs:  

Note: all comments were independently expressed and none were sponsored.....all genuine enthusiasm for something new and extraordinary.