Another Australian world-first from Solidteknics: seamless one-piece stainless saucepans

News release: Imminent launch of long-awaited breakthrough in cookware design

Solidteknics Pty Ltd, the engineers behind the wildly successful AUS-ION Australian-made wrought iron cookware, have announced that they will next month launch a whole new category in the cookware industry: seamless one-piece stainless steel saucepans. That would be another world first from this innovative Aussie company.

No need to ever wrestle with a wobbly pot handle again. This new innovation completely eliminates all rivets, welds, or joins of any kind. The entire saucepan is formed from a single sheet of special stainless steel (more on that later), making these pots virtually indestructible.

Heirloom quality

"The technology is basically the same as our pioneering seamless AUS-ION skillets, and in fact uses the same patents." said Mark Henry, founder and development engineer. "The big difference is that saucepans are much deeper than skillets, and this type of stainless steel is very difficult to form from flat sheet into a deep pot.....with an integral handle. It was a long and tortuous development path, but we got there in the end, driven on by the belief that serious cooks would be attracted to the world's most durable saucepans."

How durable?

Like their seamless iron skillet siblings, Solidteknics is offering a multi-century warranty. Mark says, "We know that sounds crazy at first, until people realise how tough this material is, and that it is made from one seamless piece. It won't crack like cast iron, there's no synthetic coatings, and there's no joins or seams to fail. Any engineer would look at these pans and say, 'Yep, definitely more than a century of life in those!'

"We want customers to buy our pans only once, and hand them down for multiple generations. That's why we engrave the date of manufacture on every pan. We want Solidteknics cookware to become treasured family heirlooms, with future generations marvelling at their durability, and thinking about all the shared food love through the centuries. Parents and grandparents are already talking like this, and that's what makes us most proud!"

The prototype base stamp for the new Australian saucepans reveals a lot.....

The prototype base stamp for the new Australian saucepans reveals a lot.....

Funded by the crowd

To maintain confidentiality for another month, the company isn't giving away too much detail at this point. All will be revealed around late June, when Solidteknics launches a new Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds toward tooling, and to produce a batch of limited 'First Edition' saucepans. To be sure not to miss the launch, the company recommends signing up for their 'non-spammy' 'Solid Supporters' newsletter here, which is only used when there is a major announcement, like the launch of a new innovation. (And it sounds like the company has a lot more innovation coming, with at least two more patents pending.)

This crowdfunding method has been successfully harnessed by Solidteknics to launch all their products via Kickstarter, where 'backers' make a 'pledge' to support the campaign in return for a 'reward' (not shares). In this case, the reward is one of the rare pans from the first limited edition batch, destined to become cookware collectibles.

In fact, this will be their 10th Kickstarter campaign (see all past campaigns here). "Yes, the funding sure has been important to turn our dream for a new world-leading Australian cookware industry into a reality. More importantly, we've built a very strong support base among all those who believe in our vision for a healthier and more sustainable new era in cookware. We use no synthetic chemical coatings, and all our products are the opposite of the disposable imports that have dominated for decades. Also the sheer performance of our cookware has attracted a lot of support from the top chefs and food industry experts around the world. Sure, we got the engineering right, but without all that sharing on social media, particularly top food bloggers, and home cooks on Facebook and Instagram, we would still only be dreamers with prototypes! We are forever grateful for everyone who shared the dream."

It's very real now. Solidteknics not only shot to #1 on Australia's biggest kitchenware retailer ( in their first year, but exports to the USA have skyrocketed, and their recent AUS-ION launch in the UK promises similar success in that region. Let's remember, this company is still less than three years old!

Solidteknics shared one of their early design drafts, containing some more clues.....

Solidteknics shared one of their early design drafts, containing some more clues.....

So what is the secret behind the stainless material?

The new saucepans are called, in full, 'CoSSNoNi', for 'Conductive Solid Stainless No Nickel' ("We'll call them 'noni' for short!" promises Mark), and that's the clue. The noni pans will be formed into shape from one solid piece of Nickel-free stainless steel, which is more conductive than regular Nickel-based stainless steels (eg. '18-10 stainless' means 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel). This makes the material more conductive. It's also magnetic, so it is perfectly compatible with induction. (Most stainless steel pans need a 'sandwich base' of magnetic material to work with induction.) 

Importantly, according to Solidteknics, being Nickel-free their pans won't leach Nickel into food. "Studies have shown that there are significant levels of Nickel leaching into food, particularly when stainless steel pots are new. It's something to be aware of, even though the full health implications of this heavy metal aren't yet understood. We just wanted to avoid any doubt, after our research." said Mark.

Lids that aren't just lids.....

You may have noticed that no lid is shown in the teaser graphics here, and that is another closely-guarded secret, for now. Mark said, "Because we're making lids in Australia, they will never be as cheap as the imports. So that motivated us to come up with a lid that serves more than one function. It's probably also a world first, we believe. It's very cool, so we'll probably keep that up our sleeve for launch day!"

A long 'wish list'?

Australian-made. World-first. Healthy. Sustainable. Indestructible. Heirloom. Multi-generation. Multi-function.....what's not to love about this whole new cookware category dream?

Let's all tune in to the Kickstarter campaign next month to see if the lofty dream becomes a reality. Judging by their track record, it's safe to say this new Solidteknics cookware range will be innovative, and will be loved.

As much design detail as Solidteknics is willing to release at this point. Advanced CAD model. Now, where is that lid?!

As much design detail as Solidteknics is willing to release at this point. Advanced CAD model. Now, where is that lid?!





New York Times covers our Australian iron cookware!

NEWSFLASH: New SOLIDTEKNICS AUS-ION Kickstarter launching soon!

This will be another game-changing launch of a breakthrough in our Australian-made seamless formed-iron pans. Be sure not to miss this launch: sign up for our Solid Supporters Newsletter here (not for marketing spam, just for new innovation launches).

WOW! Australian-made SOLIDTEKNICS cookware covered in the New York Times!


Our Facebook post about the New York Times article went almost viral......on our little Aussie cookware industry scale! See it here:

French steel pans have been popular with the best chefs for centuries because they cook so beautifully, but they've always had rivetted strip steel handles. Now Australians make the world's only production seamless rivetless one-piece steel chef pans, and they have comfortable, stay-cool 'Love Handles'. We have patents pending because these pans are truly innovative.

The best Chefs grasped the significance of our AUS-ION seamless pans immediately (top chefs talk about SOLIDTEKNICS cookware here), and (almost) every home cook who sees our pans loves them for all the same good reasons.

Our healthy, non-toxic, forever-renewable, seasoned pans with multi-century warranty also appeal greatly to those rejecting disposable and toxic products. SOLIDTEKNICS cookware was recently selected by hot new site, who are riding the rising wave of consumers rejecting disposable products and seeking lifetime quality: 

Yes, we're proud of what we've achieved, after all the long, hard work, against all the odds (Aussie manufacturers will know what we mean).  

Please share the good Aussie iron cookware news with all the cooks you know. This fledgling Australian cookware industry is off to a great start, but we have a long way to go before we're a 'household name' and our survival is assured! 

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