Our new kitchen tool - the Lil Grippa!

Our Lil Grippa is the perfect tool for lifting, gripping and manoeuvring food around your pans. Turning sausages, flipping steaks and burger patties, chargrilling vegetables, serving up wedges and roasted veggies, lifting steamed veggies, flipping fish...they'll also make handy salad servers!  

  • A wide, thin spatula base to slide under food
  • Made from one solid piece of 1mm stainless steel
  • Light and flexible, yet strong enough to last generation
  • 100% made in Australia

No joins, screws or rivets makes for easy cleaning, and won't retain odors. And it's even dishwasher friendly! 

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Weight: 150grams

This is my go to for turning food that needs botto

By: on 31 October 2023
I use this for turning anything that looks for bottom support such as pizza but always use it for lifting quiche out of the pan where I need support on the base and need top hold.

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