With our new revolutionary, patent-pending InversionEdge™ Sharpening system, everyone can achieve razor-sharp pro edges at home, with ease. Suitable for both Western and Japanese knives. Create both symmetrical and asymmetrical edges! 



Set includes: 

1 x Naniwa™ Ultrafine 3000/8000 grit comnbination stone

1 x Naniwa™ Coarse 220/1000 grit combination stone

1 x 31cm x 29cm 3mm Ferritic Stainless Steel Baking Tray

2 x Stainless 'Love Handle' clips for setting stone angles (fits most regular stones)

4 x Rubberised 8000 grit magnets


The world-first SOLIDTEKNICS™ InversionEdge™ Sharpening System (patents pending) was developed by Mark J. Henry to embody a lifetime of knife sharpening knowledge and engineering expertise into this new "ultimate, no-compromise, purist’s sharpening system..for everyone."

It's so easy! Check out our video tutorials and instructions on our website here.

Our InversionEdge™ Sharpening System gives you the ability to quickly restore old worn knives, and easily maintain master-level cutting edges.

  • No decades of traditional practice on stones.
  • No complicated rods and adjustments.
  • No destructive drag-through gadgets. With no special skills. Just real water stone sharpening to extremely fine mirror-polish finish (3,000 and 8,000 grit stages), with perfect double bevel geometry.
  • InversionEdge™ sharpening takes minutes, with results that are more accurate and consistent because human error is eliminated from the blade angle control. 

Suitable for both Japanese and Western knives: single-sided chisel edges and regular two-sided edges. 

The Tray and Magnetic Strips

The 31cm x 29cm Solid stainless tray has different angled platforms on each end: one for fine, narrow-angled Japanese knife edges, and one for strong, broad-angled Western knife edges, generally speaking. Our instructions show you how to easily choose the right platform for you knife. Made from the same 3mm exotic ferritic stainless as our nöni™ baking tray so, yes, it doubles as an exceptional baking tray!  

The four rubberized magnets (each 14.5cm long), secure your blades to the angled platforms. The rubber magnets also contain 8,000 grit abrasive to allow them to double as a blade ‘strop’ for final finishing of the edge burr (just like a razor or scalpel is finished on a leather strop).

The Ultimate Fine Combination Stones

Japanese Naniwa™ combination water stones are considered the best among fine knife purists, for their consistent sharpening, down to the fine grits necessary for this level of blade honing. The Ultra Fine 3000/8000 grit combination stone is highly recommended for final razor-sharp finishing of Western or Japanese knives. The Coarse Naniwa™ 220/1000 grit combination stone is ideal for repairing and reshaping worn knives of any type. Both stones will cover all of your needs - from restoring blunt knives, to maintaining a razor-sharp finish!





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