Launched on Kickstarter in 2019, 200+ pages, printed in Australia on highest quality 120 gsm woodfree artpaper, 225x270mm, hard cover, section sewn, case bound, for multi-generation durability. Printed 'Volume 1, First Edition'. Dated for collectibility.

Meaningful recipes and stories that are being passed down through the generations, from one family member to the next, many using whole foods and traditional cooking techniques.

A lot of history and heart went into each of these recipes and stories from members of our Solidteknics Lovers Group (a members-only Facebook group of 5,000+ solid supporters and genuinely friendly cooks). But you don't need to be a 'Lover', and this is not just an insular 'feel good' exercise: the recipes here are well tested and practical for anyone wanting to put great food on the table. 

Note: all ingredients will be listed in both Australian/European and USA weights and measures - no conversions necessary!

These solid recipes will work for anyone, but if you already own our Solid wrought iron or stainless cookware, you will find these recipes perfectly tailored to your cookware, with temperatures and times that extract the best performance from our exceptional cookware materials.  

'Heirloom' food that stands the test of time, for cookware that will do the same, but more than just food and cookware: a community, and a movement.

Like the launch of all our Solidteknics cookware in 20+ past Kickstarters, this cookbook was generated and backed by a core of true believers, not just contributors. You will know it as soon as you open it: these are not corporate edited recipes, nor PR-massaged prose. These stories are writted from the heart, by cooks who share our vision for handing down a legacy of heirloom cooking, and the shared table. Such an important value - we feel very strongly - to pass on to coming generations who will be increasingly pulled away from the solid old traditions.....the ones that probably count most, in the long run.

We know you will love the essense of this very special cookbook.



By: on 30 May 2020
What a beautiful cookbook, received it last night and read thru it. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes just need my pots, come on July

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