Our 31cm AUS-IONRAW Extra Heavy Duty Skillet-Lid is a stand-alone crêpe pan in the French tradition, or an exceptional low-sided flat griddle/skillet in the American tradition. A high-performance skillet that is also designed to be a matching lid to our AUS-ION™ RAW 31cm XHD Skillet (available for separate purchase here).

AUS-ION™ is perfect for everyday oil/fat based frying, grilling, baking, stir frying etc. AUS-ION™ cooks and seasons like bare cast iron, to build your own natural, non toxic, forever renewable non-stick surface. RAW finish with no seasoning or surface blasting.

Engraved with the month and year of manufacture for heirloom collectability, with a multi-century warranty.



Our raw finish is just that - completely raw, smooth and unseasoned iron, ready for your at-home oven seasoning. Your pan will develop its own patina and turn darker with time and cooking, to build a natural, non stick surface that's forever renewable. Our raw pans come lightly coated in rice bran to protect from corrosion. For seasoning instructions CLICK HERE


Please note: all of our pans have a carefully engineered concave built in. This is normal with all heavy based iron and steel pans, to allow for movement when heated. To learn more about our concave and why it’s important, CLICK HERE.




  • Total Length: 59.5cm
  • Diameter: 31cm (measured from inner top rim)
  • Stove contact surface: 28cm
  • Height of bowl: 1.5cm
  • Height at handle: 7cm
  • Weight: 2.65kg
  • Capacity: n/a



By: on 14 February 2021
I love my Aus Ion 30 cm skillet. Its lightness is why it is so much more useful than a cast iron version. I wanted a matching flat griddle pan that also works a skillet lid. This item indeed fits the skillet excellently as a lid, and will (once seasoning is more underway) be a superb cooking surface. But at about a pound and a half (.65k) heavier than the skillet, a lot of the weight benefit over cast iron is lost. I wish there were a Solidteknics flat griddle/lid in 3mm iron to mate with the 30 cm skillet. It's my fault for not doing the math before ordering, but now you can benefit from my oversight.

Fantastic Everyday Pan

By: on 12 August 2020
The whole family uses this pan. From making toast, eggs, pancakes to grilled cheese. The eggs never stick!

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