AUS-ION™ RAW 35cm Bigga Skillet, our BIGGEST skillet! Solid 4mm thick wrought iron for very even heating and dual handles for handling heavy loads. Perfect for BBQs, baking, pizza ovens and everyday meals when there are many mouths to feed or big steaks to be cooked!

AUS-ION™ is perfect for everyday oil/fat based frying, grilling, baking, stir frying etc. AUS-ION™ cooks and seasons like bare cast iron, to build your own natural, non toxic, forever renewable non-stick surface. RAW finish with no seasoning or surface blasting.

Engraved with the month and year of manufacture for heirloom collectability, with a multi-century warranty.



Our raw finish is just that - completely raw, smooth and unseasoned iron, ready for your at-home oven seasoning. Your pan will develop its own patina and turn darker with time and cooking, to build a natural, non stick surface that's forever renewable. Our raw pans come lightly coated in rice bran to protect from corrosion. For seasoning instructions CLICK HERE


Please note: all of our pans have a carefully engineered concave built in. This is normal with all heavy based iron and steel pans, to allow for movement when heated. To learn more about our concave and why it’s important, CLICK HERE.





  • Total Length: 44.5cm
  • Diameter: 35cm (measured from inner top rim)
  • Stove contact surface: 30cm
  • Height of bowl: 5.5cm
  • Height at handle: 9.5cm
  • Weight: 3.77kg
  • Capacity: 4.5L


Love it!

By: on 27 April 2021
So beautiful and awesome to cook with

Don't know how we survived without it!

By: on 24 September 2020
Our large existing non-stick pan was ready for the bin, when I stumbled across Solidteknics and the BIGGA. With a family of 5, this skillet is brilliant. The seasoning and non-stick was simple enough and is impressive! Our favourite pan in the kitchen now and we use it for anything and everything. It looks great as well, so becomes a bit of a centre piece when placing dishes on the table. Even taken it camping a few times and used it over the hot coals. 3 more skillets on order now (18, 22 and 26cm), can't wait to build the collection.

Raw bigga pan

By: on 2 June 2020
We are over the moon with our first purchase arrived in a week and we have used it every day since - will be buying more awesome product

I found the best pan in 30 years of cooking.

By: on 23 April 2020
I am writing to share about an amazing pan I recently purchased! The pan, a Bigga by Solidteknics quickly became my favorite pan. Is is HUGE, made of raw iron in Australia and proved to be more efficient than my cast irons or my Scanpan (non stick). I loved it so much I purchased a 10 in skillet for my best friend in London. The customs forms accidentally rerouted the pan to me. When I emailed the company and explained the situation, a staffer named Kara responded timely and told me to keep the pan as their gift and they promptly sent out another one to my friend! Amazing cookware and amazing customer service. Incidentally, they opened a plant in Chicago and are now starting in with the same pans in iron but made in the USA!.

Wonderful all purpose skillet

By: on 13 February 2020
This is a fabulous piece of cookware. I use it for baking and frying and cooking of all sorts. The AUS-ion range are my absolute favourite pieces of cookware - high performance (makes my regular homecooked meals turn out like food from a fancy restaurant), fun, non toxic, and heirloom quality. I love everything about them. Plenty of help for seasoning available in the facebook group if needed, and plenty of great ideas for what to cook too!

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