Our first ever kitchen tool! Solid 3mm non-Nickel ferritic stainless, machine-made in Australia.

Our new TSS is one of a kind. Combining three useful kitchentools in to one: a Turner, Scraper & Scooper!

Multi-century durable, non-toxic, and locally-made in Sydney. Dates stamped for the ages.

  • Side radius designed to match Solidteknics pan radii better than generic turners/scrapers/scoops
  • Asymmetrical head for more efficient turning, right and left-handed options available.
  • A straight thin edge, perfect for scraping carbonised food off seasoned iron, to keep your pan smooth and non-stick! 
  • Deep side wall for big capacity scooping
  • With an asymmetrical edge, we have left and right-handed versions available, but don't worry - you can use either! 



Features and benefits:

  • 3 essential pan tools in one: turner, scraper, and scooper
  • Solid 3mm thick, for many centuries durability. Never replace in your lifetime, and pay it forward for many generations of heirloom cooking love
  • Side radius designed to match Solidteknics pan radii better than generic turners/scrapers/scoops
  • Asymmetrical head for more efficient turning, right and left-handed options available.
  • Straight, thin edge for scraping. Ideal for keeping stainless pans clean as you cook, and scraping lumps from seasoned pans
  • Deep side wall for big capacity scooping


Weight: 300gms 

Length: 295mm

Width: 80mm

Love this for turning roast veges in the oven

By: on 31 October 2023
So much easier for turning roast veges in the oven, with the little kick up on the side the veges just turn over, and I love it also with the ST pans for scraping food off the bottom of the pan before washing with the sharp edge.

It’s a keeper

By: on 13 May 2023
This super hardy kitchen tool will last a lifetime or two and will help keep your Solid pans in Solid nonstick order. It is heavier in hand than the little flippa, but don’t let that make you think it is too heavy! It is the perfect weight for lifting heavier foods like steaks and burgers and great for flattening burgers too. The angled edge helps to loosen any stuck bits on your pans to keep your coating non stick. It is a good length and I often find myself using some of the arm to help flip large pancakes. This one has a special place in my heart (ahem I mean my collection.)

A literal weapon!

By: on 12 May 2023
I find egg lifters annoying, that let the runny yolk dribble out, so when this came up on the Kickstarter I jumped on it. It is seriously the best egg lifter, due the thin but strong edge, to really get things off the bottom of the pan. The handle will never fall off and if I was using it during a home invasion, I wouldn't drop it and grab a knife from the block, I'd just hurl this at my would be assailant! Built to last a lifetime. Thanks Solid Teknics!

A little heavy handed.

By: on 10 May 2023
I do use this tool, but not as much as the Lil Flippa. I find it a little heavy and I would prefer the handle to be longer (probably 5cm longer). But that said, nothing I have ever owned will scrape the bottom of a pan like this tool. Seriously brilliant at what it was made for.

So convenient

By: on 27 January 2022
This spoon come scoop come scraper is very good quality and thick it sits in the handles perfectly while cooking and doesn't get hot, so convenient and a truely great idea it's amazing

Has other uses!!!

By: on 4 January 2022
Treated myself to one of these and it works very well on my existing collection of cast iron pots. Has a good weight and it certainly is good at removing any residual cooked matter off pans. It is also almost perfect as a schnitzel making aid - is great for flattening out chicken fillets.

Great, solid kitchen utensil

By: on 29 March 2021
The name really does say it all. This is not some flimsy 18/10 stainless steel egg flip, it's a very solid, seamless piece of steel that would probably chop your wire rack in half if you got a bit carried away. Like all Solidteknics cookware, this is a beautiful and practical utensil. While I haven't used it to scrape anything yet, I know it'll get the job done with no damage to the utensil.

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