AUS-ION™ cookware weights and key dimensions:


SOLIDTEKNICS AUS-ION™ wrought iron (low-carbon steel), and nöni™ ferritic stainless steel cookware are the only two production cookware ranges made in Australia. Both ranges are non-toxic, healthy, sustainable, and multi-century durable. AUS-ION™ and nöni™ are also World-first seamless, rivet-free, 1-piece wrought pans, with patents pending.

Ideally, every cook interested in healthy, non-toxic, and sustainable cooking will have a mixture of iron and stainless steel pans in the kitchen, because each has its strengths for different types of cooking:

AUS-ION™ Australian-made wrought iron professional cookware is perfect for everyday oil/fat based frying, grilling, etc. AUS-ION™ cooks and seasons like all bare cast iron cookware, but is half the weight. Seasoned iron is the only known non-toxic and forever-renewable non-stick. All other non-stick cookware is made with toxic and/or disposable synthetic coatings.

Discover how easy it is to build-your-own healthy non-stick and forever-renewable cooking surface here and never replace a pan again.

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nöni™ cookware weights and key dimensions: 

Similar weights to other high-quality stainless cookware: 

33cm Rondeau capacity: 6 Litres , 2.6kg, 10cm deep, 46cm long overall

33cm Skillet-lid weight: 2.6kg, 2.5 deep, 46cm long overall

26cm Sauteuse: 2L capacity, 1.94kg, 5cm deep, 58cm long overall. 

26cm Skillet-lid: 1.73kg, 1cm deep, 49cm long overall. 

17cm Skillet: 0.84kg, 3cm deep, 43cm long overall. 

2.5L Saucepan: 1.25kg, 9cm deep, 50.5cm long overall. 

23cm Skillet-lid: 1.14kg, 1cm deep, 40cm long overall.