Our smallest iron skillet! Ideal as a single-meal pan, and the perfect starter pan! Eggs, bacon, omelettes, small portions.

Made in Australia from clean Australian iron, our AUS-ION™ pans provide excellent heat retention and thermal mass for consistent, even cooking. Seasoned with our new Quenched™ finish and ready to use. Learn why Quenched™ is a game-changer in iron cookware! Suitable for all heat sources from stovetop (including induction) to oven to campfire. 

Natural oil-based seasoning is the only low/non-stick cooking surface that can forever be restored and need never be disposed of. Every other non-stick cooking surface is an applied coating that is either toxic and/or short-lived in nature, and ultimately destined to end up as landfill.

BEFORE USE: Please read our Seasoning and Care guide.



  • Made in Australia from clean Australian iron.
  • Patented seamless, one-piece design. NO rivets, welds or toxic and/or short-lived coatings!
  • Seasoned for you with 100% non GMO Rice Bran Oil. Learn more HERE Traditional oil based seasoning is healthy, toxin-free, and forever renewable.
  • Suitable for Induction, stove tops, BBQ’s, campfires + all (non-microwave) ovens, even charcoal and pizza ovens!
  • Exceptional heat retention, even heating and thermal mass.
  • Ergonomic handle with heavy venting to dissipate heat and reduce heat transfer at the grip well enough for regular handling during normal stovetop use. 
  • The Australia map cut-out in the handle is great for hanging the pan when not in use!
  • Multi-century warranty: each pan is date stamped for this generation and the next…and the next…
  • Diameter: 18cm
  • Total Length: 43cm
  • Weight: 0.86kg
  • Stove contact surface: 13cm
  • Height of bowl: 4cm 
  • Height at handle: 8cm
  • Capacity: 750ml

Stovetop Seasoning Guide HERE

Cleaning and Care Guide HERE

Our pans are nearly all designed to fit in a standard 600mm domestic oven, though we recommend checking measurements prior to purchase as the internal dimensions of ovens do vary.

Please also note: All of our pans have a carefully engineered concave deliberately built in to the base. This is normal practice for all heavy based iron and steel pans, to allow for movement (expansion) when the metal is heated. To learn more about our concave and why it’s important, click HERE.

Proven value

By: on 15 January 2023
I have the 18 cm and 26cm steel pans. I use them daily and can attest to their utility and value. I also have a cast iron pan from my grandmother, and these two stand well in comparison. The smaller is just right for a small steak or a couple of fried eggs. The larger is perfect for frying up some mixed vegetables, a large t-bone, or a salmon filet. The pans hold seasoning well and look nice hanging above the range. I fully expect to pass these down to my kids some day.

Worth every cent!

By: on 8 September 2022
I’m a single mum so these pans are absolutely out of my budget, but buying new pans every couple of years isn’t cheap or ethical! I purchased this for myself as a birthday gift in July and my second pan (28cm) is arriving any day, because they are just THAT good! I also love that my 3yr old helps me cook and one day down the track he will own these very pans himself. If you sit on the fence wondering if they are worth the investment this is your sign that you should!!! The steaks it cooks are unbelievable and from what I hear they only getting better with time

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