The XHD set includes both the 31cm XHD Skillet and the matching 31xm XHD Skillet-lid. With this set, you have a large, deep, versatile 31cm skillet that can live on your stovetop and a 31cm lid that is also a versatile crêpe or griddle pan! Use separately and/or together depending on your needs.

Made from solid 4mm clean Australian iron - built extra tough to withstand even the harshest cooking environments. Engraved with the month and year of manufacture for heirloom collectability, and comes with a multi-century warranty.

Made in Australia from clean Australian iron, our AUS-ION™ pans provide excellent heat retention and thermal mass for consistent, even cooking. Seasoned with our new Quenched™ finish and ready to use. Learn why Quenched™ is a game-changer in iron cookware! Suitable for all heat sources from stovetop (including induction) to oven to campfire. 

Please note, all of our pans have a carefully engineered concave built in. This is normal with all heavy based iron and steel pans, to allow for movement when heated. To learn more about our concave and why it’s important, click here.


Before use: Please read our Seasoning and Care guide.






  • Made in Australia from clean Australian iron.
  • Patented seamless, one-piece design. NO rivets, welds or toxic and/or short-lived coatings!
  • Seasoned for you with 100% non GMO Rice Bran Oil. Learn more HERE Traditional oil based seasoning is healthy, toxin-free, and forever renewable.
  • Suitable for Induction, stove tops, BBQ’s, campfires + all (non-microwave) ovens, even charcoal and pizza ovens!
  • Exceptional heat retention, even heating and thermal mass.
  • Ergonomic handles with heavy venting to dissipate heat and reduce heat transfer at the grip well enough for regular handling during normal stovetop use. 
  • Multi-century warranty + each pan is date stamped for this generation and the next…and the next…


31cm XHD Skillet:

  • Total Length: 60cm
  • Diameter: 31cm (measured from inner top rim)
  • Stove contact surface: 25cm
  • Height of bowl: 6cm
  • Height at handle:12cm
  • Weight: 2.65kg
  • Capacity: 3.55L
31cm XHD Skillet-lid
  • Total Length: 60cm
  • Diameter: 31cm (measured from inner top rim)
  • Stove contact surface: 28cm
  • Height of bowl: 0.6cm
  • Height at handle: 6cm
  • Weight: 2.65kg
  • Capacity: n/a

All of our pans are designed to fit in a standard 600mm domestic oven, though we recommend checking measurements prior to purchase as internal dimensions of ovens do vary.



By: on 12 May 2023
These are the perfect pans for us. We bought a Noni and stainless steel is not for us, then we discovered the Aus-ion and fell in love. The 31 cm is by far the best for our family.

Brilliant, maybe even better than that

By: on 10 May 2023
I love this set, its not the first product we have from the range and I'm certain it wont be the last. This set is the work horse of our kitchen... its actually more than that, it just happens to fit perfectly in the pizza oven, the top was a life saver on our last camping trip, producing everything from steaks to pancakes over a campfire; back in the house this combination is up to the challenge everything a family of four can throw at it. Aus-ion is slowly taking over our kitchen, these pans will be there for a lifetime and I will be just as happy with them as I am today.

Greatest Ever Purchare

By: on 9 May 2023
I purchased this pan to use in the kitchen as we needed a Big size Pan to cook for our large family. I use it every week and I have extended it to all cooking . I use it on my offset smoker I use it on the Webber Kettle we have taken it camping and used it directly on the fire. It is indestructible and cleans up easy. never thought I would use this Pan on so many different ways of cooking. I will be only purchasing Solidteknics equipment in the future it is AMAZING.

Life changing

By: on 9 May 2023
i am so happy to be able to cook with healthy pans. heavy metals are a huge concern to me, and seem hard to avoid in todays toxic world. solidteknics pans are light, strong, and versatile. when i win lotto i am going to purchase one of everything

The only pan I use, really

By: on 9 May 2023
Awesome pair of pans. Once properly seasoned will not let anything stick. Easy to clean and quick to season if you keep at it. Will get a smaller one for camping and smaller meals. Have been recommending them around me

This is indestructible

By: on 9 May 2023
Seriously is XHD (extra heavy duty). I use it daily for my family of seven. It gets hammered on the gas on open fires for slow cooking on a fire place. It travels with us camping and just day trips. The more I use it the better it gets as the season just works. It takes nothing to clean just wash as normal and a quick heat up to make sure it's really dry.

Delivers on all the marketing

By: on 9 May 2023
Though I’m not dead yet, these pans will absolutely deliver on the multi century warranty. It seems like marketing, but they really are superbly built and I can’t see any design point being a potential point of failure. As far as weight, yes they’re heavier than pans you’d get from department stores but lighter than say an equivalent sized cast iron pan. Crepe pan is easy to move around one handed but the frypan needs two hands, especially when full of food. Heat retention is very good, though I will say I had better results with this sized pan on a gas cook top over an electric cook top. Perhaps I had a bad electric cooktop. On seasoning, I found that the less I fussed with it the better it got. Just let it build up, you can’t break it. I got this set before they offered pre seasoned cookware, and both my pans are perfectly adequate for my needs, white fish is the only thing I’d say I need to be careful with, usually a bit more fat in the pan and it’s fine. I’m constantly using the pans on gas, oven and fire and there are no signs I’ve done so, they just look like nicely seasoned pans. To be honest I don’t use the crepe pan as a lid very often, but it’s nice to have the option. The only thing which they promise which under performs are the handles, particularly on gas you do need oven mitts or tea towels to move them around - mainly because as per the weight of the items, you can’t move them just holding the end of the handle, you need to move you hand closer to the pan to get more leverage and that’s where it’s pretty hot. I’m not too worried, the only cookware I have that I don’t need gloves are my riveted stainless steel pots, and they have their own set of flaws. In the end, I highly recommend them as cookware, particularly in the frying pan arena. I’ve convinced a few friends to get some smaller frypans and they’ve all been really happy with it.

The Ultimate Pans

By: on 27 January 2022
I have resourced so many pans & bought a few, I saw these and haven't looked back, they are exactly what they say they are, strong, nonstick classey, I have showed my Chef friend as well, he was very impressed. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these Pans I love them, I needn't resource anymore and they are AUSSIE MADE & thats such a bonus

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