The Söliditi™ 15cm Usudeba knife embodies a lifetime of knife making knowledge and engineering expertise, offering a whole new level of features and benefits for pro knives. 

A hybrid of the Japanese Usuba and Deba blades, the Usudeba is a more versatile, all-round knife that excels at fine slicing vegetables, meat and fish. Our world-first, patented corrugated blade and chisel edge geometry reduces ‘sticking friction’. With the Usudeba, sliced food just drops away!

Investment cast with our custom carbon steel composition, then precisely closed-die cold-forged in one solid monobloc. Built to last for generations and manufactured here in Australia!

Why we created it

The Söliditi™ 15cm Usudeba was developed by Solidteknics founder and mechanical engineer, Mark J. Henry, to embody a lifetime of knife making knowledge and engineering expertise into the ‘ultimate, no-compromise, purist’s knife’.  We wanted to overcome the old bane of ‘sticking friction’ in knife blades, and find a way to demystify the ancient Japanese chisel edge, so their legendary sharpness could be put into the hands of everyday home cooks!

This radical friction-reducing corrugated blade has required an entirely new patented method of knife manufacturing. We worked long and hard in research and development to create a whole new blade geometry and new methods for local manufacturing. This is a real world first.

The Söliditi™ 15cm Usudeba  had to have the ultimate purist’s edge: the Japanese chisel edge. Legendary for many centuries for their far superior sharpness.

Ancient Japanese chisel edge (single bevel), updated with Solidteknics corrugations, reduces the cutting force for thin slicing. There’s less food compression with one cutting edge (instead of the normal two) and much less friction from the forged blade corrugations, making any edge feel sharper. Being a single-sided bevel, blades are specifically right- or left-handed.


Click HERE to learn about the background and remarkable world-first design and manufacturing tech behind Söliditi™.  




100% Made in Australia

Radical friction-reducing corrugated blade

Japanese chisel-edge blade for superior sharpness

Custom carbon steel blend

Best knife ever!

By: on 11 August 2021
Great knife, cuts like a dream, no sticking - exceeded expectations. Worth the wait!


By: on 20 July 2021
Simply put, this knife is amazing! I was fortunate to observe a prototype in the hands of a skilled chef dealing with vegetables and meat with absolute ease, even pointing out where the trusty ‘old’ knives had limits. Even though I am not a trained chef, I can say that a home cook can enjoy the supreme sharpness and perfected design elements the finished Usudeba has. It is brilliant to help prepare a salad or a meal, and shines even more for preserving tasks – I can slice a bunch of produce with nothing rolling or leaping off the board or onto the floor. Slices simply peel to the side and obey a new level of command I am glad to become accustomed to. It is an excellent knife that will serve us, and future generations, well.

Amazing knife

By: on 20 July 2021
I love my knife so much, it does exactly what I need from it. Feels fantastic in my hand.

Usudeba knife - glorious instrument

By: on 19 July 2021
I received this knife last week - it did not disappoint. A very robust appearance. Slices beautifully and effortlessly through many foods and sliced portions don’t stick to the knife due to the ingenious design. Feels very light and ergonomic yet durable! Can’t wait to purchase other Soliditi knives as they become available

Solidteknics Have done it again.

By: on 19 July 2021
Wow, another amazing product from this amazing company. The knife is an absolute dream to use and has been designed so well, from the moment you pick the knife up it feels so comfortable in the hand and then when you start chopping with it you will be blown away and never want to use another knife. You have exceeded my expectations once again with another amazing product.

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